Facing budget calamity and furloughed workforce, City officials to decide on a $25M corporate giveaway

Together New Orleans to hold informational session about the issue over Zoom on Friday, December 4th at 12pm

Register to attend here

New Orleans - In the midst of a severe budget crisis, facing cuts to its workforce and services as deep as any in the City's history, New Orleans officials will be deciding soon whether to approve a costly corporate tax exemption, with only murky connections to economic development.  

Folgers Coffee is asking the New Orleans City Council, School Board and Sheriff to be exempted from paying property taxes on $162 million of its property through 2029 under the Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP). 

The request, if granted, would cost New Orleans schools and city services $25 million through 2029 and $12 million in 2021 alone.

Together New Orleans will be holding a one-hour informational session this Friday about this issue and how rejecting the Folger request can help end city worker furloughs and restore funding cuts to city services.

The informational session will be held over Zoom on Friday, December 4th at 12pm.

To attend, please register by clicking here.

The Folgers request is not related to covid-19 or to any prospective project Folgers is hoping to bring to the city. Folgers is seeking "incentives" for several projects that already have been completed, some of them several years ago.

"This is an issue about which everyone who cares about our city and our schools needs to be informed," Together New Orleans said in a statement.

Register to attend the informational session here.


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