TNO releases impact & equity analysis of 2020 property assessments

Download the study.

Together New Orleans has released an impact and equity analysis of the 2020 property assessments called "The Good, The Bad and the Just-Plain-Not-Legal."

The analysis looked at two questions:
#1) IMPACT: How seriously will the impact of the assessment increasing be and what people and neighborhoods will be most severely affected?

#2) FAIRNESS: To what extent have the assessment increases been applied consistently across different values and types of property?

The study found that:

  • Several thousand New Orleans households are likely to face unsustainable increases to their property taxes, which have the potential to result in displacement of those families; and
  • The assessments valued low- and moderate-value properties far more aggressively than high-value properties.
  • The assessments under-value vacant land and parking lots
  • The assessments treat as "exempt" $155 million in industrial property which has no tax exemption and is therefore taxable

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Download the report.


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